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  • Murals on canvas

    Just as there are personalized vinyls that go to the bathroom area, kitchen and rooms, created on stickers of small and medium size, there are also murals in vinyl that occupy entire walls to give a highly artistic aesthetic spaces. Below, I will give you some recommendations and tips on how to use these wall decals well so that your home looks better than ever at a low cost and a very short time.
    The practice of decorating the walls with art comes from the era when men lived in caves. Although their arts were somewhat rustic, they had deep meanings that were gradually transformed and acquiring a much more artistic purpose, and more than wanting to transmit something, they became only pieces to beautify spaces of the home. Then, from the ancient era to the present, the decoration has gone hand in hand with the theme of giving an artistic sense to the message as by mere aesthetics.
    Now there are many services that can offer a great variety of vinyls to choose as http://dekoshop.es/, which maintains designs previously made for people to choose or, can adapt any idea and / or art that has in Mind to place it on some wall.
    Vinyl murals are made in the same way as small-scale vinyls used for small decorations in rooms, bathrooms and rooms. The difference lies in the dimensions and resolutions that, being a complete wall, increase considerably, therefore, it is always recommended that the image you want to place on vinyl, is in a resolution greater than 300ppp and a dimension greater or equal to Size of the wall, but, it will be distorted when it is applied, unless it is an image made in a vector software, since these have the quality of expanding or reducing without losing the definitive quality and its sharpness. Finally, be aware of the formats of the images sent, as these must be in a CMYK format preferably to prevent the colors seen in digital way change after printing.
    Remember to use vinyl murals wisely, avoid placing them on walls where you know you will hang pictures or place furniture, as it is not very good to spend on an art that is supposed to cover a whole wall and then cover it with a piece of furniture.

  • Predesigned canvases